STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 July 2013

What A Strange Little Dinosaur

Zalmoxes lacks a lot of popular culture references we have seen on the internet. It did feature in some news stories back when it was renamed and a little afterwards. Zalmoxes has warranted enough looks that it has been detailed by the Natural Museum of History in London on a fact page also. However, as we have seen, it did not manage to ascend to documentary dinosaur status as yet and has also not been portrayed as a model or toy dinosaur to my knowledge at this date. Zalmoxes has made its name in World of Warcraft as an item, as have many other dinosaurs. Apparently it is represented by a robe that players can acquire on a once previously mentioned landscape within the game. Sadly, that is where that popularity ends for Zalmoxes. A greater number of dwarfed dinosaurs from Transylvania are being discovered these days and that will pique interest in someone soon enough I am sure to warrant the creation of a documentary or toys or something else that gets the name out there more.

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