STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 August 2013

Camera Shy

©Nobu Tamura
Nyasasaurus, in part due to the fragmentary nature of the few remains that have been recovered, is not represented in images often. In fact, only two or three images of the dinosaur exist in the public domain. One of these is a bubble representation of proposed or predicted biomass of the dinosaur as extrapolated from the measurements of the available bones. Of the other two, one indicates herbivorous behavior and the other omnivorous or carnivorous features are highlighted. The image show here is the latter. Both body types work, especially given that we are missing a lot of the information needed to correctly reconstruct the body. That said, compare today and yesterday's images and feel free to discuss the positives of both bodily representations as each interpretations has both merits and negatives as well.

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