STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 August 2013

Coelurus the Writer

Admittedly Coelurus did not write papers about itself (or have a written language itself) but there are papers out there that have been written about Coelurus. Some of these that can be found are about Coelurus bauri Cope, 1887; this dinosaur is now known, as was previously discussed, as Coelophysis bauri Cope 1889. Coelurus fragilis, however, is less well documented, but is still fairly well documented in and of itself. In fact, new finds of Coelurus have been well documented throughout time, including in 1997 in Wyoming and Coelurus has even been debated as a theropod and discussed in relation to ornithomimids. It has been included in some important works including The Dinosuria (both editions), numerous field guides (including Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of the World), and even a few smaller books.

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