STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 August 2013

Famous Falcarius

Falcarius, as noted on Monday, was the subject of its own dedicated documentary produced by the Discovery Channel. The fame, however, does not stop there. Falcarius has also been modified into games, or just plain created as a character in some people's games.

Falcarius has also appeared in a few books, some about feathered dinosaurs. This assumes, and it appears to be the general consensus at the moment, that Falcarius was at least partially feathered. Drawing it with the steps in a dinosaur how-to-draw book also includes feathering, which is usually fairly difficult for most amateur artists that are using how-to-draw books. Toys and statues have also been created by companies and artists depicting Falcarius. Cartoons, our semi-normal fame related outlet, seem to be lacking when it comes to Falcarius, strangely.

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