STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 August 2013

Finding Othnielosaurus

In 1977 Peter Galton changed Nanosaurus to Othnielia. In 2007 Othnielia was again changed by Galton to Othnielosaurus. This made finding kids websites a little more of a chore this morning as I had to search multiple names to find the correct dinosaur. When I did find what we are looking for though, I found a lot of good websites for kids, just under an older name that has not been changed to the current name quite yet; widespread acceptance of Galton's reassignment of all of the remains to Othnielosaurus is not yet apparent. Anyhow, Othnielia, which would have been almost indistinguishable from Othnielosaurus at any rate (a good discussing point with young paleontologists), has pages dedicated to it at KidsDinos, Animal Planet, and Enchanted Learning; a long and short version are both available. Coloring pages for today seem to be lacking, but the conversations generated from the fact pages and a discussion of why the name changed may just fill the entire day with paleo fun for the young enthusiast, and that is what Sundays are all about around here anyway honestly!

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