STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 August 2013

Little Dinosaur, Little Kids

via Arthur's clipart
Coelurus is a small dinosaur; I think that point has been made many more times than needed over the past few days. The main point of today, as always, is to share information that we can share with our younger audience. To that end, I have a good fact page for all of those kids out there that are developing their reading skills and love dinosaurs (you do not have to love them to read it though!)., one of our usual favorites, has a good and short page of fun dinosaur facts for today. Another typical entry for us today, the Natural History Museum in London, also has a short, actually a shorter, fact page to peruse for Coelurus. Coloring pages exist as well today, but the best are the image above and an image hosted by H&M Coloring Pages (not related to the store H&M).

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