STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 August 2013

Othnielosaurus Waited All Afternoon

Paleontology Museum of Zurich
I slacked a little bit today, and I apologize for that my friends. Othnielosaurus was more popular as Othnielia than it ever has been as Othnielosaurus. Under its new designation as Othnielosaurus this dinosaur has not gotten anywhere near as much recognition. Part of the difference is that Othnielia was a recognized name for 30 years and was renamed during the height of the Dinosaur Renaissance. Under that name many documentaries mentioned the dinosaur as well as many papers/articles, and books. Dinosaur toys are still more often associated with Othnielia that with Othnielosaurus. The dinosaur has made it into the world of video games under both names; it has been created and displayed in Spore by different creature creators under both names. Othnielia did appear as a toy under the Discovery Kids brand of "educational" dinosaur toys a few years back.

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