STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 September 2013

Full Circle

Oligokyphus has been quite an interesting little friend this week. Not quite mammal. Not all reptile. Certainly not a bird. Oligokyphus is a very interesting little transitional form; a so-called "missing link". Bridging the gap between mammal-like reptiles and what we could consider the most basal, or first "true" mammals. The fuzzy nature of Oligokyphus is such that, ignoring the enigma of classification, makes for an interesting little puzzle about a cute little animal. It is a widely known Cynodont despite not being highly popular. Cynodonts tend to be, as their name implies, "dog toothed" possessing both canines and molars and tended to lay eggs; remember that we left the oviparous/viviparous reproduction of Oligokyphus open to debate. Oligokyphus was potentially oviparous, but is also close enough to mammals that there is still that chance that they were viviparous. Regardless, the cute and fuzzy little almost-mammals are quite interesting and worth much more popularity than they have so far accrued.

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