STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 September 2013

Writing About an Enigma

Tritylodonts and Cynodonts are, as we have said many times over, rather interesting riddles. They have been written about many times over, and have also been the subject of studies that go with those articles many times over as well. Hans-Dieter Sues introduced us, in 1985, to the first discovered Oligokyphus in North America. Additionally, we have records from China as well. Both papers describe Lower Jurassic animals, which should not really be new information, but it is important to back up other's findings and to agree on date data. Unfortunately, Hennig's 1922 initial description of the genus is not available to us online, or I would suggest that definitely be read. Lack of that piece, however, can be made up through inter-library loans! Potentially.

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