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STL Science Center

30 October 2013

Adasaurus is A Stocky Animal

©Mike Hanson
This Adasaurus does not appear as stocky as my title in today's blog would have anyone imagine. However, remember that at about 6 ft (2 m) long, this is not an exceptionally large animal overall and therefore that body mass that we can see here is in a small area, all said and done. Estimated weights for Adasaurus have not been published; perhaps not even calculated actually. Dromaeosaurus, of nearly equal length, has an estimated weight of approximately 33 lbs (15 kg) and this is probably a reasonable estimate for Adasaurus considering the similar body plan and size. The animal is assigned to the same subfamily (Dromaeosaurinae) as Dromaeosaurus and one of the characteristics of animals in the subfamily is a stocky appearance giving the impression that the animals were more wrestlers than runners. Perhaps more studies and remains will be recovered in time and a more in depth understanding of these somewhat small but powerful and deadly dinosaurs will fill in some of the gaps and purported knowledge with hard fact. For the moment, however, Adasaurus will be the Mongolian version of Dromaeosaurus in at least my imagination.

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