STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 October 2013

In Storage

Originally posted by Mickey Mortimer
The skull of Adasaurus, not seen for many, many years, was unveiled in a paper last year that reviewed Dromaeosaurine systematics and phylogeny. It was alluded to in Tuesday's post of papers that were not free to the public and were not explicitly about Adasaurus. Mickey Mortimer posted the image above on his own site on the same day the paper was published. Part of the reason that Adasaurus has never been truly popularized can be seen in this skull. The skull is missing many elements and the majority of the skull. It is not, in its current state, on display to my knowledge either. These things combined with little recognition outside of the professional and amateur communities have created a very small sphere of recognition by the public at large and thus made this dinosaur minutely if at all known to others.

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