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STL Science Center

15 October 2013

Lack of Papers

©Michael BH
Elaphrosaurus, for all the study done concerning it and all of the information out there about it, does not appear in many papers that are available online. A partial paper, available for around $40, is shown as a sample, that was written in 1982 by Peter Galton. The paper discusses the North American and African, as well as the European, records of known Elaphrosaurus remains that have been unearthed, but does not provide much new information as we typically try to highlight here on Tuesdays. Another paper by Novas et al. compares the articular head of Elaphrosaurus and Abelisauroidea humeri to a newly discovered (as of 2006) humerus from South America. The paper determines that the humerus is from an Abelisaurid, but does not assign a determinant genus. Other papers exist, but again, they are not available online.

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