STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 October 2013

More Newscasts

It is rough being the new guy on the block. As a dinosaur, unless it is the prime dinosaur documentary making time, which seems to happen every few years, there are pretty long furloughs where newly described dinosaurs have to wait for extended periods of time to be recognized. In our "gotta have news" world, however, I can dig up newscast after newscast that announces new dinosaurs; media outlets seemingly revel over being able to discuss new dinosaurs no matter what the public may think of that particular outlet's stance on dinosaurs and evolution I have seen announcements for newly named and described dinosaurs treated nearly equally by creationist websites and ABC news while NPR takes calls and comedians announce how ridiculous these new animals look. Everyone, somewhere in their mind, seems to love dinosaurs; I am not complaining. However, Nasutoceratops is far too recent a discovery to warrant its inclusion in anything other than newscasts though I have no doubt its unique physique will make it into a documentary sometime in the near future. Yesterday I shared an NPR broadcast that was a bit longer than a traditional news story, and today I would like to share the other extreme by sharing this one minute news story. Speed reading at, arguably, a very fine moment in news.

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