STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 November 2013

A Book Star

Atlascopcosaurus has not made a significant impact, overall, in the peer reviewed scientific publication world. It has, however, appeared in a number of books as passing information and even as a key character. Some of these books may have been mentioned in prior entries given that they have information contained with that discusses other Australian dinosaurs. These include books like Minmi and Other Dinosaurs of Australia as well as World's Smallest Dinosaurs. Rich and Vickers-Rich published the initial naming and describing paper, as previously stated, but they also co-wrote a 1999 paper which was much more about the Hypsilophidontids of Australia as a whole; the abstract can be found through this link. Chapter 18 of Dinosaur Systematics describes the basal Ornithopoda and here too Atlascopcosaurus is touched upon. The Witmer Lab at Ohio University hosts a PDF version of this chapter, making it available online; Dr. Witmer is a co-author of the chapter.

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