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STL Science Center

26 November 2013

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©Karola (Caimryo)
Almost "turkey day" here in the US (strange how the colloquialism has become solely about a food that was possibly not even present at the historical Thanksgiving feast), and what better way to celebrate than reading papers about the great (x 15 million, give or take a few generations) grandparents of modern turkeys? I like to think of the following list of reading material as following the bouncing Compsognathus literature, hence the use of the image above. Let us not argue about the exact evolution of turkeys and Compsognathus given the previous statement but instead enjoy the original naming and description of Compsognathus, if one can read German; English translations of this are, as far as I can tell, not available. One could also read about the synonymization of C. corallestris with C. longipes in Peyer's 2006 paper. Gishlick and Gauthier in 2007 examined the hand morphology of Compsognathus and restructured our vision of the digit count ad use of the digits in Compsognathus. For those interested in taphonomy, I found a paper by Reisdorf and Wuttke that uses decay in modern domestic chickens (referred to as "Gallus gallus L.", which is a hybridized Sri Lanka Junglefowl) to describe taphonomy in Compsognathus as well as Juravenator. There is plenty to read here today.

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