STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 January 2014

Coelophysis Everywhere

Spore is always a good outlet for dinosaur lovers to create models of their favorite dinosaurs. There are a handful of versions out there; this one is much more flamboyant and crazy than many other models. I like how out there the feathering portrayed on this model of Coelophysis is. The imagination and creativity of video game modelers is always pretty interesting and exciting to witness the first time you get to see it. Popularly, in other areas, Coelophysis has appeared in many places. It is featured in many different ways in the state of New Mexico including stamps, coins, and other aspects of being named the State FossilCoelophysis has shown up as toys thanks to Jurassic Park, in part, and was a small enough model that the package actually contained two toys. There are a lot of books around as well including a few dedicated specifically to Coelophysis such as Dinosaur Ghosts: The Mystery of Coelophysis.

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