STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 January 2014

Coelophysis the Model

The models used for Walking with Dinosaurs with the Coelophysis segments were a bit older, given that Walking with Dinosaurs was produced prior to the rest of the "Walking with" series and were far more puppet-like than many dinosaur documentary models. Many of the dinosaur models in those sorts of documentaries are wireframe models done on computers. The Coelophysis compilation of models, both computer and puppet, still turn out quite well together over time. There should not be much surprise in how well it turns out, but if you have not seen it you really should check it out here. Coelophysis was built for speed, as is attested to by this clip from Discovery.

Coelophysis was built for running and jumping, clearly, and the skeleton is the key to those clues that lead to the knowledge of the manner of life that Coelophysis lead. Thanks to those computer models we can see Coelophysis come to life from those bones. Hurray for modern technology!

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