STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 January 2014

Giving In To Pressure

Not too long ago I said I was going to allow Yutyrannus to float out in the dinosaur world for a while before I discussed it. It has floated long enough for me to feel okay with presenting it as a topic for the week. As a dinosaur, and a tyrannosaur at that, with direct evidence of feathering integuments preserved in the fossils, is an extraordinary find to begin with. The size of the feathered dinosaur makes it even more impressive. Chinese dinosaurs are getting more and more populous in paleontology, and feathered Chinese dinosaurs are a large part of that growing population as well. The beautiful feathered tyrant of China was recovered from the Liaoning Formation. The original specimens, prior to the professional removal of remains, were cut apart into sizes appropriately sized for two people to drag them out of the original quarry; mostly a tragedy but they thankfully made their way into science.
"Borrowed" from Brian Switek's Smithsonian based blog

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