STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 January 2014

Monster in Writing

Few dinosaurs have been compared, used for evolutionary studies, and analyzed overall as often or simply as much as Allosaurus. The bite force has been calculated. An ontogenetic study has been conducted. Allosaurus has been studied every which way that one can imagine. Some of my favorites have to do with the nature of injury and disease. This comparison of infection and injury with pathologies of the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry is one of those greatly interesting reads that I actually enjoyed; "enjoyment" and "scientific paper" are often not terms that go together as we all know. The other papers I was most interested in dealt with the ubiquity of Allosaurus. These papers detailed the discoveries, and defense of those discoveries, of Allosaurus remains in Portugal and Australia. Many dinosaurs are known from multiple continents, but it is not often we see a cosmopolitan distribution of the largest predators and, quite frankly, I am happy to see Allosaurus doing well on multiple continents.

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