STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 March 2014

That Foot

As stated in the paper, if one had time or reason to read it yesterday, the weight bearing axis of the hindfeet and hindlimb of Aardonyx exhibits a shift to the medial aspect of the foot. Additionally, the femur of Aardonyx exhibited a more straightened shaft than in previous bipedal members of sauropodmorpha. Femoral shape, weight bearing axis, and a slower gait are all indicative of quadrupedalism, and Aardonyx was in the transitional placement in the three categories, making it slightly faster than later relatives with a convex femoral shaft and bearing the weight less in the medial aspect of the feet. Also, the humerus was notably shorter than the femur rather than of equal length; another important trait in quadrupedal dinosaurs is the near-equal length of femur and humerus.

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