STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 March 2014

What to Post When There is Nothing to Post

Our little golden phoenix has been left out of the children's literature. There are brief summaries of what we know about Jinfengopteryx out there to be read but that does not necessarily make up for the lacking pages and resources. Videos we have seen before discussing feather evolution discuss Jinfengopteryx, but we do not even have a good hearty Dinosaur Train or Dinosaur King reference like we usually see with our little "dino-birds"; it is a little frustrating to have minimal material in any one specific category. However, Jinfengopteryx is a good critical thinking point if it is not a good source of coloring pages and so my unofficial assignment to little dinosaur loving folk out there today is to look at this print by John Conway and make your own list of reasons why these little "dino-birds" should be dinosaurs, birds, or both.

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