STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 April 2014

Ancestral Writings

The source material, when available, is always fun to read. It is usually informative as well regardless of how accurate the initial description is (the initial Plesiosaurus descriptions equated the animal to sea turtles in many ways). Colbert and Mook's initial 1951 description of Protosuchus richardsoni is both informative and well written. It is also available online. That is pretty nice in these days of online journal access restrictions. The cost of articles can be exorbitant at times, but this does not mean that an expensive article is not worth reading. Sometimes, like this article discussing Protosuchus and the origin of phytosaurs and crocodiles, finding an interlibrary loan or copy of the journal in the library is worth the trouble. Alternatively it may be worth the cost as well if one could afford it.

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