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STL Science Center

31 May 2014

Becklespinax Interpretations

From Naish and Martill (2007)
Different interpretations of the sail/hump structure on the back of Becklespinax are represented by a number of illustrators. Typically the illustrator picks one interpretation over another and devotes the entire image to their interpretation without any variation. That type of statement can be made about any artistic representation of any subject of course. Thankfully, though, in Naish and Martill's 2007 review of basal Dinosauria of Great Britain the two major representations of the hypothesized anatomical structure are represented along with the three vertebrae type specimen. The two hypothesized structures are the pelvic sail/hump, like that of Concavenator and the full body length sail/hump that is much more reminiscent of Spinosaurus. The skull in these interpretations are entirely speculation; for all we know this dinosaur may have been much more closely related to Spinosaurus and therefore have a skull that looks more like that of Spinosaurus than the classic boxy skull of other large predatory theropods. The same can be stated about the legs, arms, and digits of the animal.

Naish, D. & Martill, D. M. 2007. Dinosaurs of Great Britain and the role of the Geological Society of London in their discovery: basal Dinosauria and Saurischia. Journal of the Geological Society, London 164, 493-510.

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