STL Science Center

STL Science Center

25 May 2014

Geography Lesson Imminent

Jaxartosaurus, like so many other dinosaurs, was named after where it was initially discovered. In 1939, when it was described, the country of Kazakhstan was a state in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The fossil was named after a river in Kazakhstan then called the Jaxartes River; it is now known as the Syr Darya (darya means river but it is occasionally known as the Syr Darya River). It is important to know where names come from and on the day that we share links for younger dinosaur enthusiasts such as the NHM of London kids page and the one on Enchanted Learning that knowledge is not well shared. The Enchanted Learning page mentions it, but few others do. Dinosaur Train definitely does not, in anything I have seen; however, the character in the A to Z episodes named Jackalyn does take the important spot of the letter J in the alphabet song.

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