STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 May 2014

Populating the Culture

Hylaeosaurus is partially the very definition of Dinosauria. That itself makes it a rather impacting dinosaur on popular culture. Being named a "woodland armored lizard" has not detracted from its popularity; in the scope of dinosaur names it is kind of bland we have to admit. The fact that the NHM of London has left Mantell's specimen as it was found for nearly 200 years now is a massive nod of respect to Mantell and to Hylaeosaurus itself at the same time. Aside from this distinction, and the distinction of being a part of the original definition of Dinosauria, Hylaeosaurus does not hit a lot of hot topic buttons in popular culture. CollectA, a somewhat minor player in the cast toy/model market, has released their version of Hylaeosaurus. Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs (LITC) has done a good job of compiling the popular art and literature references that mention Hylaeosaurus, so there is not much reason for me to do it when I can refer a search of their blog instead!

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