STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 May 2014

Searching For Origins

Papers by Benson, Carrano, and Brusatte (2010) have been mentioned earlier this week, in particular the paper that reassigned and named the family Neovenatoridae (halfway down this page there is a pdf that opens automatically, so I cannot link to it directly). However, two years prior (2008) Brusatte, Benson, and Hutt reexamined the fossil remains of Neovenator and discussed autapomorphies present in the remains. This paper is not available anywhere free, which is okay, but can be purchased from The Palaeontographical Society. Knowing how our knowledge got to that point is probably more important, but it is also where our paper trail somewhat peters out. The naming article is known [The first European allosauroid dinosaur (Lower Cretaceous, Wealden Group, England)] as are the names of the authors (Hutt, Martill, and Barker). We also know that the paper exists, that it named Neovenator and that it describes the fossils attributed to this new species. The real problem comes when I tried to track it down. The publisher, and the journal, have no record of the title in an online search. Strange? Very. Does it exist? It must! I will continue to look for it, but I find it strange that I have yet to find it at this point in time.

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