STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 May 2014

Straying From the Line

The average Saturday post has gone from comparing a lot of art to discussing one illustration mostly because there is a general lack of material for a lot of the dinosaurs that we are getting into lately. Today's illustration is not a lot of illustrations or one generally accepted illustration for a very important reason. That reason is not that there are no good illustrations of Neovenator but because Neovenator is a strangely complex dinosaur. Fossil remains of Neovenator favor a described length of between 7 - 8 meters. As such, this dinosaur is slightly taller than the average human woman, most of the time. The problem is that there are other fossils in the recovered bones that point to a larger body size of up to 10 meters. These larger remains could potentially belong to another individual. It would be a terribly awful pathology to have only a few bones much larger than the rest of your skeleton, so assuming there is more than one individual represented or that the individual recovered has damaged bones are probably both somewhat safe assumptions.

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