STL Science Center

STL Science Center

05 May 2014

When You're Not A Star

Somehow, despite being known and described for a number of solid years, this interesting and unique specimen of theropod life has escaped notice in documentaries and many other dinosaur video outlets. The general lack of European specific dinosaurs may in part account for this in popular culture. It is true that some European dinosaurs are featured heavily in popular culture but it is equally true that their heyday has somewhat disappeared and even the newly discovered European dinosaurs appear to suffer because of this. Often the only dinosaurs featured in documentaries are from the Western Hemisphere or from Asia. Therefore, after this long-winded apology for the lack of videos of this Spanish dinosaur, there are few videos that can be shared concerning Concavenator. Dinosaur George has been asked a few questions about Concavenator. There is also a news video that I can only assume interviews the authors but is also definitely not in English. Anyone that knows Spanish may enjoy it though!

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