STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 June 2014


Becklespinax was named in a reassessment of its description in Olshevsky's 1991 reassessment of Archosauria. Unfortunately the one place this appeared to have been online, Mike Taylor's website, has not been loading lately. If the site ever comes back up it may be available there again, however it may not; there is no telling whether or not he will fix the site and have that article back up. Until that moment, though, we have only the paper I mentioned Saturday with the comparison image of Becklespinax. Naish and Martill (2007) is a pretty long paper that discusses a lot of different English dinosaurs. The discussion that concerns Becklespinax begins on page 501 of the pdf under "Basal tetanurans." A good deal of other theropods are discussed in this discussion, so the description of Becklespinax is a little abbreviated, but is as comprehensive as it can be in the current circumstances of the scope of the paper.

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