STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 July 2014


The Welsh phrase "Pant-y-ffynnon" means "hollow of the spring" and is shortened in the name of the dinosaur Pantydraco caducus. This small basal sauropodomorph of the late Triassic was discovered in Bonvilston Quarry in South Wales and was described in 2003. Originally in 2003 it was named as a juvenile specimen of Thecodontosaurus by Yates, but in 2007 further study by Galton, Yates, and Kermack determined that the skeletal material was different enough and the interrelationships of sauropodomorphs had changed enough to warrant its own genus. Therefore, Pantydraco being its own unique animal, I think it ought to be an interesting animal to discuss for an entire week.

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