STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 August 2014

A Childish Post

Eodromaeus is a dinosaur that will eventually become a favorite. Having been named in 2011 it is still a little young to be capturing the imaginations of most of the younger generation of dinosaur enthusiasts and potential paleontologists. That does not mean it is not know about, only that the resources we have for younger readers are fewer than normal. The Dino Directory of the NHM in London, for example, has Eodromaeus listed, but does not have an actual entry for the small dinosaur. There is, as usual, an About fact page, but in all fairness to the rest of the internet they do have a staff writer assigned to dinosaurs, so they probably should have a page on every dinosaur (and we are very happy that so far there has not been one dinosaur/prehistoric beast where we could not have used About as a resource). Unfortunately, the lightweight dinosaur is a lightweight on the internet as well and has not made much of an impact past that page, in terms of short and easy to read facts that are kid friendly.

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