STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 August 2014

Animated, Just Not on Film

As seen yesterday, Leptoceratops can be a very animated and is actually a fairly well known dinosaur. Unfortunately (trust me when I say I HATE starting sentences with that word) there are no documentaries available online that expressly mention Leptoceratops. There have been dinosaurs that appeared in documentaries I remember from when I was younger that appeared to resemble Leptoceratops and were "Canadian dinosaurs" but they were never referred to as Leptoceratops with a doubt. That sort of vague terminology haunted many dinosaur shows of the 1980's and 1990's; thankfully there were also more informative documentaries at the same time to make up for this. However, that leaves us in the peculiar place of having a well known dinosaur that does not appear in documentaries. We have been here before. In lieu of good animations of Leptoceratops images of Protoceratops could stand in but the habitat would have to be imagined a little differently. Leptoceratops may have also spent more time on two legs than Protoceratops, a characteristic that is a little harder to picture when viewing the linked video, but an interesting prospect that can be seen in Saturday's post featuring the work of Tuomas Koivurinne.

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