STL Science Center

STL Science Center

28 August 2014

Never A Cast

Aralosaurus has not, as yet, been singled out in dinosaur toy assemblies. It has been written about in scholarly papers, as we know, and Aralosaurus has been mentioned in much of the larger scale technical tomes as well such as The Dinosauria. It has not, though, been the subject of other popular outlets such as made for kids books, popular encyclopedias (think National Geographic rather than the more technical type), or magazine articles. Movies and documentaries are completely lacking Aralosaurus. Kids shows, even Dinosaur King and Dinosaur Train, have ignored the dinosaur. How or what has made its name popular then? The sole reason that I think we have been able to come up with this week is that this dinosaur is from Kazakhstan and very few dinosaurs have been discovered and described from Kazakhstan. Hopefully that number will swell in the future and more examples of this dinosaur will be discovered and described. Until that time, however, hopefully what has been discussed this week will cause Aralosaurus to become better known in the near future; that is kind of the goal of an educational blog like this after all!

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