STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 August 2014

That Popular Canadian

Leptoceratops has appeared in many interesting and popular culture items and websites. reader information has even pointed us to pretty awesome information that I had missed. One avenue I have not mentioned this week is the popular literature. Academic literature we know has treated Leptoceratops well, but the popular books have somewhat ignored Leptoceratops. Technical volumes, not papers or journals, like The Dinosauria have at least mentioned the dinosaur, but that is not the type of book we usually look for on Thursdays.

Toys have appeared claiming to be Leptoceratops, but as usual they are more than likely based on Protoceratops. That does not take away from the fact that toy companies are trying to make Leptoceratops known to their markets and, consequently known to the next generation. Sadly none of the toys possess the cheek-less quality. That would probably either scare kids or change the face (literally) of the way that kids and the general public view dinosaurs.

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