STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 September 2014

Antsy Anchisaurus

Anchisaurus is a well read dinosaur. That means that there is a lot of literature out there at varied levels that is available to everyone to read; this is a very fantastic thing I assure you all. Marsh's original descriptions appear to be slightly misplaced, but there is the Marsh work Restorations of Anchisaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Claosaurus available online. It appears that it can only be purchased. This is okay though. We have seen Marsh's restoration. It is typical of Marsh and it looks fairly nice, but it is not anything too fantastic. Also out there, published in Wiley's Palaeontology, is an Adam Yates written revision of Anchisaurus. It is one of those articles that is certainly worth your time if you are willing to root around the internet, pay, or find a copy at a library and are interested in Anchisaurus. Additionally, and possibly more easily read, is a short article about the Connecticut Valley dinosaurs and a portion of the book Thunder Lizards. Portions of that chapter are available online and all of the Connecticut Valley article is online (in two places actually!).

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