STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 September 2014

Gaining Popularity

As was mentioned previously, many times, the popularity of dinosaurs is highly variable. There are times when the dinosaurs in question are immensely popular and there are news stories that catapult dinosaurs into the limelight or reignite their popularity. Acheroraptor flew somewhat quietly under the radar at the end of last year when it was described. No documentaries, toys, or other popular science outlets have picked up on Acheroraptor have surfaced yet. This is a dinosaur that needs more charisma and outreach to become more popular as it is so young, geologically and by means of description. As much of a cop-out as it is, to say that there is nothing to share, there is nothing. Acheroraptor will only start to be featured in books, movies, documentaries, and other media outlets if people that love the dinosaur share it and make it more popular. The ball is in the public court with this dinosaur!

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