STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 September 2014

Making Our Own Kids Site

Acheroraptor is a new enough dinosaur that there are not of links designed for educating children. Even our stalwart companions (e.g. About, KidsDinos, etc.) do not have pages hosted on their sites. If you are close enough to Toronto you can spend a day at the Royal Ontario Museum and learn about Acheroraptor while seeing the holotype and, potentially, meeting Derek Larson. The ROM Discovery Corner has an activity time listed to meet Derek Larson, but I think that this is for some time in the past. Though no longer current, he could be around still the museum and the fossils certainly are. I propose a short reading assignment for young dinosaur enthusiasts. There is a concise article on that would lend itself well to a short reading and discussing the dinosaur. If the time for that does not present itself today then this should suffice for today (template for today borrowed from KidsDigDinos):

Name Means
"Underworld thief"
Lived When
67 - 65 million years ago
Estimated at approximately 40 kg
Estimated at approximately 3 m
Small recurved teeth designed for cutting meat
Open woodland

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