STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 September 2014

Online Lies

The Smithsonian website lied to me today. I thought there was a short explanation of our dinosaur on it today and when I went to open it for everyone to preview it, it was not there nor was there any hint that it ever had been there. I was a bit perturbed. The only video I did end up finding for today is a 30-second clip that goes over very basic knowledge of Anchisaurus and abruptly ends mid-sentence. This is also annoying. Unfortunately this is not a dinosaur that has factored heavily into any documentaries or Dinosaur George questions or anything like that. Strangely, despite being one of those rare East Coast dinosaurs, it has not been discussed in videos anywhere on the news, through colleges, or anything local like that either. I hate having no outreach to share, but I have none today. For a similar dinosaur model in motion, you may wish to consider looking at an animal like Plateosaurus as featured in the first Walking with Dinosaurs special that ever aired. While not entirely accurate, Plateosaurus was similar in a number of ways. A point of argument may be locomotion similarities and differences however. The Walking with Dinosaurs Plateosaurus is shown as an obligate quadruped where Plateosaurus and Anchisaurus are both portrayed more often as facultative quadrupeds and even obligate bipeds. They are both considered basal sauropods and bipedality may have been characteristic of both animals.

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