STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 September 2014

The Alectrosaurus in the Room

Alectrosaurus is a rather popular animal. Likenesses of the dinosaur have appeared in Dinosaur King games (as user made cards at least), Spore, and in the Planet Dinosaur documentary that was aired on the BBC. On Monday we saw the short Planet Dinosaur clip that highlight Gigantoraptor and Alectrosaurus. Today we can feast our eyes on the best Spore has to offer. This is not the best Spore dinosaur we have ever seen, but it is rather well done except for the textures of the skin. The toy industry does not exist where Alectrosaurus is concerned, but that appears to be of no consequence to the popularity of this dinosaur. Despite missing many opportunities for gaining more popularity with a younger audience, the almost never seen in popular outlets for children Alectrosaurus is quite popular amongst children. Usually dinosaurs that are popular like that have many toys, models, games, and even books aimed at the younger audience. Apparently Alectrosaurus is popular with dinosaur enthusiasts for the sake of being popular alone!

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