STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 January 2015

A Grain of Saltasaurus Before Bed

In the majority of the reading area it is not bed time. It is in part of it though and I recognize that my later in the day entries do not always allow people time to read and visit all of the sites I link to on Sundays before they go to bed. Because Saltasaurus has many links, I thought it would be a good idea to address the timeliness (or lack thereof) of those links today. Every kid-friendly website today has some facts about Saltasaurus and most of them have an image or two that is actually the right dinosaur (always something to be on the lookout for). My favorite images are those used by The Dino Directory (NHM London) and Bob Strauss on About. These are probably my favorite because of the old-fashioned art (London) and the nice Alain Beneteau piece that Bob Strauss highlighted. KidsDinos used a toy for their image, but regardless of that, their fact file is well put together, as always, and is rather concise. A rather short description accompanies Mariana Ruiz Villareal's illustration (shown here Saturday) on New Zealand based Science Kids website. The most extensive link of the day belongs to Dinosaur Jungle though, which has an acceptable image but a lot of facts along with it. There are a lot of ads to navigate around however. If there is time in your schedule today for art, I recommend asking the always nice Josep Zacarias if you can use his line drawing of Saltasaurus to color or Enchanted Learning's black and white drawing. Mr. Zacarias' work is, of course, more scientifically accurate, so it is worth checking out his version of the dinosaur.

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