STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 January 2015

Shades of Yellow

©John Conway
A lot of paleoartists are known for their wonderfully energetic and colorful illustrations of dinosaurs in action. Avimimus could be, and has been many times, portrayed in a very vivid color scheme in an extremely active manner. One of my favorite paleoartists, John Conway, went the opposite way with his interpretation of this dinosaur. His version of Avimimus is much calmer and subdued compared to many of the other interpretations. The colors of the dinosaur, its chicks, and the scenery are all soft earthy tones. Feathering of the dinosaurs is minimal but effective. If this Avimimus possessed large display feathers in this color scheme it would look somewhat ridiculous. As things are though, the smaller, less ostentatious feathering on Conway's Avimimus is both effective and appropriate. To my knowledge neither long nor short feathers would be accurate right now as we do not have concrete evidence of the determinant growth length of Avimimus' feathers.

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