STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 February 2015

Company Naming Policies

Dong and Tang 1985 named Gasosaurus. The name (Gasosaurus constructus) referred to the fact that a gasoline company discovered the quarry. The paper that named and described Gasosaurus was published in a Chinese journal in 1985 and finding the name of the actual gasoline company is apparently near impossible because of this. After much searching, though, the original paper can be found. I was fairly excited about actually finding it. Until, after I opened the English site, I was greeted with an article that is entirely Chinese (my Chinese is not good enough to translate). That is until I scrolled down and was exhilarated to see that the abstract at least is translated! Regardless of how mundane a description article may be, reading the original description of any animal, especially a fairly exciting mid-size carnosaur, is something I enjoy. I hope it is a good read, short as it is, for everyone else as well. If any of our Chinese readers are feeling a bit crazy, they could translate the article and gain our greatest appreciation.

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