STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 February 2015

Let Me Know Next Time

Apparently, for some reason, I decided to do today's normal topic of entry yesterday. I think it has honestly just been a very long weekend. I read a lot yesterday and apparently thought it was Sunday a day early. Therefore, let us talk about this image today where we should have yesterday:
The typical description of Aegyptosaurus is that of "a close relative of Argentinosaurus." This is not very descriptive except that there is a somewhat understood identity revealed in that statement that identifies Aegyptosaurus as a large sauropod. Argentinosaurus is, of course, a rather gigantic titanosaur and Aegyptosaurus is also considered to be a titanosaurid, though somewhat smaller than Argentinosaurus. No exact size estimate is reliably available to us these days, but as a titanosaur it Aegyptosaurus was most likely very large. This image of this rather large dinosaur allows us to infer that very few predators probably hunted these animals. The only likely dinosaur in northern Africa at the time of Aegytposaurus' reign was most likely the enormous predator Carcharodontosaurus. Hopefully that will help in giving a size estimate to the adult Aegyptosaurus.

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