STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 February 2015

Potential Misnomer

Liaoceratops' name means "Liao Horned Face" but the skulls that we have seen clearly lack any and all semblance of horns. There are ridges on the parietal and squamosal bones that, in this "skin stretched tautly" illustration, are very pronounced. They probably would not be as pronounced in a more modern version of the illustration, but this version is very nice as well. As a basal neoceratopsian the body size of Liaoceratops was gracile enough that it was certainly capable of bipedality and may have even been facultatively quadrupedal rather than an obligate biped. In either modality, Liaoceratops was a very mobile and gracile member of the ceratopsians, a phrase not often used with that family of lumbering giants.

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