STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 February 2015

Those AMNH Folks

Khaan has been given the twice over many different times. The American Museum of Natural History's researchers have been over Khaan mckennai more often than any other group of researchers. This has led to a number of papers, two of which tell prominent stories about Khaan and its life. The original description comes to us not only from the AMNH but also from the team that recovered the remains based with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and AMNH's joint field expeditions. The first author on the paper was actually not affiliated specifically with either institution; James Clark is a professor and researcher at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The description is not the only visit, however, as I stated beforehand. The osteology of the rather well preserved holotype has been studied also. This study is of great importance to understanding the life and phylogeny of Khaan. A great deal of the paper actually discusses phylogeny, which is sometimes confusing and sometimes enlightening. Every reader's reaction to the arguments in that study are their own, so I will not push my opinion of it on anyone, read it for yourself and come to a decision!

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