STL Science Center

STL Science Center

17 March 2015

The Strangest Thing About Science

Quite possibly the worst thing about modern science is the fact that scientists get upset about public interpretations and conceptions of their work and the journals demand that the general public either pay for subscriptions to journals or pay prices like $50.00 per article. There are many different reasons that these things happen including publishing costs and intellectual properties rights, but the simplified version of the story is that people want their research stories told and not everyone can get access to them. Understanding of the science is a completely different topic, but is equally important, unfortunately it is part of bit of a vicious cycle. The point of all of that is that the remains of Gobisaurus that have been discussed as known cranial portion actually consist of a nearly complete skeleton, which has not been shown, photographed, or drawn out anywhere to my knowledge aside from the published description of the dinosaur. This sort of thing is neither unique or new, but it is a little sad that the dinosaur has not been properly shown to the public at any point in time because the images are shelved behind journal copyrights. Those that have access or want to purchase access are free to do so through the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, but sadly I cannot share images from the paper at this time.

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