STL Science Center

STL Science Center

19 March 2015

Winding Down the Week

Gobisaurus is not the most popular dinosaur. Lost in the museums for a couple of decades and then described and again forgotten, it would seem, Gobisaurus is a very important dinosaur. A lot of the information about Gobisaurus is still not known. The more that we find out about it the more important the position and compiled information will become because it will enhance our knowledge of Chinese, ankylosaurian, and Cretaceous dinosaurs. Gobisaurus is another one of those dinosaurs that does not have a lot of popular outlets.

The popularity of many of the dinosaurs on the page in the last few weeks have been much lower and lacking in links than previous entries. Because of that, we are going to open our doors a little to even more paleo-fauna. This will cause us to rebrand a little bit. It will also force me to do a little bit more learning outside of my comfort zone. I am okay with this. I hope everyone here is okay with branching out from dinosaurs as well.

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