STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 May 2015

Popular Everywhere

I have had plastic Stegosaurus toys since I knew there were dinosaur toys. I have a number now. I also have a Stegosaurus shaped pillow that roars. It is a generic roar, but a roar nonetheless. Some of the most popular venues for Stegosaurus have been the Jurassic Park series (the novel featured a sick Stegosaurus, not Triceratops), the Walking with... series, and the non-descript little plastic dinosaurs that one can purchase anywhere in the world. Other iterations of Stegosaurus have made their ways into popular books, television shows, and other imagery, but the Stegosaurus in my mind will always be tied to those plastic toys in some aspect. The DinoRiders Stegosaurus is a pretty iconic dinosaur also, right up there with Snarl from Transformers (which apparently later becomes a cat of some kind?). Regardless, the fame of Stegosaurus translates into many appearances, a wide audience, and some nifty kid's books.

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