STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 May 2015

Say No Saurus!

Michael B.H.
No one wants to be called slow. The fact that there is a dinosaur that belongs to a genus called the "slow lizard" is a little sad, perhaps even a little pitiful. However, the dinosaur of the week probably was a little bit slow, and it was certainly one of the stranger dinosaurs that existed out there in the world. Those rather strange dinosaurs are collectively known as therizinosaurs and have been widely regarded for a long time as the oddest theropods for a variety of reasons, including that they are the only theropods that are widely considered to be entirely herbivorous. Segnosaurus galbinensis is another Mongolian find of the 1970's that was returned to the West through the Soviet Union expeditions of the era. Four specimens were eventually discovered, though these constitute less than 50% of the skeleton. Despite this, we know that the therizinosaurs, and Segnosaurus, had stocky limbs, which led to the naming of the genus. Slow, stocky, and bulky, Segnosaurus is a very odd dinosaur.

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