STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 May 2015

Size and Strangeness

Therizinosaurs are known for their large claws, in part. Therefore, it is a little sad that this slightly older interpretation of the dinosaur has very small claws on its forelimbs. The claws on the hindlimbs were always depicted as slightly smaller, therefore the claws on the hindlimbs being depicted small here are not a surprise. The herbivorous diet of the animal is depicted here in the beak-like appearance of the face. In fact, it looks almost entirely hadrosaurian in its overall shape and make up. Segnosaurus is not, most likely, this much of an herbivore in its appearance. It probably did not have cheeks either way. The fact that it was as tall as it appears to be in relation to this one armed business woman is not that amazing as therizinosaurs were at least medium sized theropods. The general shape of the illustration is appropriate, though, which means that the dinosaur is actually quite appropriately drawn, despite the inaccuracies.

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